Pattern Review: Easy Cosy

Pattern by Yamagara

I made mine in...

Size: 1

Yarn: Sirdar No. 1 DK in Wishbone

Needle size: 4.5mm (body), 4.0mm (cuffs and hem)

This was my first test knit for Bernice of Yamagara. You might have seen me raving about her designs before. She's a homegrown, Singapore-based designer, and I love all of her designs. Easy Cosy is no exception.

This pattern looks simple, but it comes with a lot of shaping that makes the fit well-tailored and sophisticated. The way the braided cables are designed to go around the back of your neck is so elegant. The ribbing results in a very squishy fabric that is, as the name suggests, so cosy.

The pattern is very clear and well written. I'm going to give myself and the test knitters some credit here, because Bernice incorporated quite a bit of the feedback we provided! I think an adventurous beginner would be able to follow along, despite the more intermediate techniques involved.

I made very few modifications. For the neckband join, I did not bother picking up a half stitch from the provisional cast on. I just went with one less stitch than the pattern called for, did the join, and it was perfectly fine.

I also made my cardigan much longer than the pattern, hence using 918m of yarn. If you are making the length of this cardigan to pattern, I found it would take 837m of yarn for size 1.

Lastly, I didn't like the effect of a needle bind off as it produced some flare, hence I switched to a sewn tubular bind off for the hem.

The yarn I used for this sweater is a 50% acrylic and 50% nylon. I never thought a fully synthetic yarn could feel so so luxurious and lovely. This is currently my favourite synthetic yarn and the only one I find that can rival my natural fibre yarns in my stash.

This cardigan gives me such lovely cottagecore vibes. I'm so thankful to Bernice for giving me the chance to test knit one of her wonderful patterns. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!